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Organizational Consulting

Dysfunctional organizational structures, unproductive behaviors, outmoded programs or products, lack of stakeholder alignment, poor knowledge management, and other deficits in organizational life can make you feel – and be - stuck. Address these with clarity and confidence through the support and contribution of un-stuck. Then focus on deepening your animating vision, muscular organizational strategy, and vibrant organizational culture. With un-stuck, you will identify your challenges with clarity, then develop and implement processes to make progress on what really matters.


Let’s talk about un-stuck’s collaborative consulting that works with you, not instead of you. I function as a catalyst, facilitator, organizational mentor, and curated knowledge guide. I express my expertise through curiosity, thinking with you, exploring ideas and possibilities. We will pay attention to organizational dynamics and work with proven consulting frameworks, including the un-stuck ‘Four Intelligences’ model.

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