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Initiatives and Projects

You need to get a project or initiative implemented with excellence and on time. You want an innovative initiative designed, set up and implemented till ‘the kinks’ are out of it, then handed over to you.

un-stuck will do all of this for you and with you. I lead diverse projects and initiatives, including business development, innovation and knowledge management, training and more. We will define the vision and desired outcomes, as well as ‘specifications’ like timeline, budget, and more. We will also clarify the ‘division of labor’ so that un-stuck will be responsible for everything, or only those functions that suit you (such as planning, budgeting, staffing, operations, management, communications, and evaluation). We can bring in additional team members as needed. You maintain the knowledge, rights to, and control of the initiative at every stage.

We not only respond to requests for this service. We sometimes seek partners to work together on select initiatives that have exciting potential.

Let’s talk about getting stuff done, together.

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