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Welcome to un-stuck

If you or your organization are exactly where you want to be, nice to meet you. You don’t need me; have a wonderful day and stay in touch.


But what if there is a gap between what is and what should be? Between your reality and your aspirations. A gap that irritates you, troubles you or even scares you. A task, initiative, or ambition that you or your organization are not getting the traction on that you really want or need.


If that’s the case, let’s talk.

Integrating what I have learnt from years of experience and from emerging research, I have developed the Four Intelligences Model for Leadership. Each of the four 'intelligences' - Personal, Interpersonal, Organizational, and Mission Intelligence – is crucial for making progress on what matters most to you and your organization. As you explore and strengthen these intelligences, you'll enhance your awareness and natural ability to access and utilize relevant mindsets, tools, habits, and knowledge frameworks, in impactful ways.

With this simple yet powerful model, you'll experience a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. It allows us to be discerning – to pick and choose the most useful approaches and tools for the job at hand – while avoiding cookie-cutter or one-dimensional solutions which simply won’t get you where you want to go. Instead, you'll navigate the multi-dimensional and sometimes chaotic landscape you face with specific abilities – the know-how and ‘do-how’ to help you identify and meet your critical challenges.

Through the Four Intelligences Model, you and your organization will gain tools to enhance your identity, emotional intelligence, and resilience (Personal Intelligence); deepen your relationships and sense of community (Interpersonal Intelligence); develop a clear vision, effective strategies, and a strong team (Organizational Intelligence); and connect with a higher purpose and a grounded social and global vision (Mission Intelligence).


My mission is to help you make systematic progress on your goals in our increasingly complex world. In all my kinds of work, I aim to guide and work with you on a journey of increased capacity, focus, sometimes transformation, and powerful outcomes where each objective you reach becomes a steppingstone for the next one toward a better and more flourishing future.

Our Services


Our work together can consist of one or more of un-stuck’s four focus areas. We will tailor the work to address your needs and aspirations, and to help you reach your goals. Let’s talk.

Coaching Packages

Unlock your leadership potential. Enhance skills, navigate challenges with personalized coaching. Get meaningful results through proven methods and our 'Four Intelligences' model.

Leadership Development

Boost your own team’s impact through leadership development, and/or improve the leadership programs you offer others. Employ evidence-based models for better outcomes.

Organizational Consulting

Feel stuck in organizational challenges? Overcome dysfunction with un-stuck. Gain clarity, confidence, and innovate where needed. Make progress on what really matters.

Initiatives and Projects

Ensure your success by using our capacity. un-stuck will plan your project, with you, then implement it within constraints you face. All knowledge and resources remain yours.

The participants wrote that the leadership development workshop with you was detailed and enriching, and that they will be able to apply what they learned in their daily work back in their countries."

Ms. Shachar Re'em, PhD

The Golda Meir MASHAV International Training Center, Israel

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